Chryl Savoy

Sculptor / Painter

CHYRL L. SAVOY was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She received her B.A. in Art from Louisiana State University. After a year of study in Florence, Italy at the Academy of Fine Arts (Sculpture and Drawing), and at the Universita degli Studi di Firenze (language), she did a year of Post Bechelor studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, 密歇根, 在哪里 she remained to pursue graduate studies and earned her M.F.A. in Sculpture and Drawing.

Her sculpture, 画, 绘画, and interdisciplinary col实验室orations have been shown inter在全国范围内, 在全国范围内, and regionally. Selected One Artist Exhibitions include those at Artes Plasticas y Colegio Ignacio Bernal (墨西哥), Northeastern University Art Gallery (Tahlequah, OK), 医学院 Humanidades at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla (墨西哥), Clark Hall Gallery at Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond, LA), 艺术家的 Alliance (Lafayette, LA), Galeria de Academia de Artes Plasticas (Monterrey, 墨西哥), University Art Center at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (Lafayette, LA), and the New Orleans Museum of Art (New Orleans, LA).

Awards include the following: Best of Show at the 1st Marjorie Morrison Sculpture Biennial, Hammond Regional Arts Center (Hammond, LA); Sculpture commissioned by the Alexandria Museum of Art, 1993, for sculpture at the 27thAnnual Juried Art Exhibit, Tom Peyton Memorial Exhibit (Alexandria, LA); for 画 at the Premiere National Annual Exhibition, World Trade Center (New Orleans, LA); the Patron Award for 绘画 at the 19th Annual Tom Peyton Memorial Juried Art Exhibit (Alexandria, LA); the Samuel Weiner Sculpture Award, 51st Regional Exhibition, R.S. Barnwell Garden and Arts Center (Shreveport, LA); honorable mentions for the two sculptures at the 13thAnnual Piedmont Sculpture and Painting Exhibition, Mint Museum of Art (Charlotte, NC); and a sculpture recommended for the Purchase Award, Artists Biennial, New Orleans Museum of Art (New Orleans, LA).

Her col实验室orations with choreographer Sunny Savoy have been performed in the United States, 墨西哥, 和法国. "Molluscan Myriad” was presented at Danse a Paris Concours International de Choreographie at Cirque d’Hiver (Paris, 法国), and "Dialogo” was selected as one of the four finalists at the Octavo Premio Nacional de Danza de 墨西哥 de 1987 at the Palacio de Bellas Artes (墨西哥 City, 墨西哥).

Her teaching (Sculpture and Drawing) includes four years at LSU at Shreveport and thirty-seven years at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 在哪里 she received the Outstanding Advisor Award and the Beacon Club Teacher of the Year Award. She was awarded the BORSF Grant for the development of an Interdisciplinary Foundry and Mold-Making Studio, as well as two Instructional Improvement Grants for the Development of an Experimental Drawing 实验室.

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